The Spectacular Seat

The Spectacular Seat is a performance event in which one (1) selected participant over the age of 21 will receive USD $250.00 to act as the subject of a project culminating in an act of urination in a restroom toilet at the opening party for "Keeping An Eye on Surveillance," a group art exhibition at the Performance Art Institute, 575 Sutter Street in San Francisco.

The act will be presented on a video screen as it occurs. Subsequently, a recording of the act will be on display for the duration of the exhibition and thereafter in specific art-related environments and exhibitions.

"Keeping An Eye on Surveillance" will be on view from September 10th, 2011 to October 22, 2011. The exhibition opening party will occur on the evening of September 10th, 2011, with the Spectacular Seat event occurring at a time during the opening.

The invitation to participate in the Spectacular Seat project is open to the public. To apply, click on the "Participate" link. For more information, click the "How It Works" link.

"Keeping An Eye on Surveillance" is curated and organized by Hanna Regev. The Spectacular Seat is a production of The Art Research Team.